Encyclopedia of Russian Narrow Gauge Railways

"But I am not an explorer. I haven't a single explorer on my planet. It is not the geographer who goes out to count the towns, the rivers, the mountains, the seas, the oceans, and the deserts. The geographer is much too important to go loafing about. He does not leave his desk. But he receives the explorers in his study. He asks them questions, and he notes down what they recall of their travels. And if the recollections of any one among them seem interesting to him, the geographer orders an inquiry into that explorer's moral character..."

A. de Saint-Exup�ry, "Little Prince" Rambler's Top100 Service
YOUNGER BROTHER Encyclopedia "Younger Brother" (EYB) invites you to an admirable world of Soviet / Russian narrow gauge railways. This is the most complete online collection of the articles on the subject, covering history, geography, locomotives, and rolling stock. You will find descriptions of most of NG systems, including Children (Pioneer) railways. The site has articles about 2,220 railways, 12,300 photographs, and ca. 480 maps.

In most of the cases, the information at this site is actual as of time of publishing. However, please understand that we cannot physically check every possible fact in the Encyclopedia (see the epigraph), and we encourage our guests to send corrections, suggestions, and comments by e-mail.

Only the front page of this site has been translated into English so far. Please use the Babelfish translation engine from Altavista to get convenient access to other pages.

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The history of narrow gauge in Russia. So far, this section is just a draft.
Locomotives and Rolling Stock
Technical parameters, photographs, and descriptions of narrow gauge steam, diesel, and electric locomotives, as well as freight and passenger cars, etc.
Descriptions of Railways
A list of all known NG railways in Russia and in other C.I.S. and Baltic countries. Descriptions, maps, photographs. This is the core of the site.
Picture Gallery
All 13,000 photographs published at this site will be eventually placed in the picture gallery. All new photographs are also published here. NEW!
Trip Reports by "EYB"
From time to time, D. Zin�viev, the author of this site, travels to various narrow gauge railways (mainly in Russia and in the USA). His trip reports are here.
NG Railways in Motion Pictures
Reviews of motion pictures that somehow feature or mention narrow gauge railways.
Links to other sites with relevant contents.
Hall of Fame
Many thanks to all of you who helped me to create this site!
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